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ConfigMgr 2012: TS step Install Software Update failed with 0x800705b4

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When I try to deploy windows 8 updates follow Anyweb's guide SCCM 2012 RC Part 6 - Deploying Software Updates,

Step Install Software Updates failed with 0X800705B4 while system join workgroup instead of domain.

If I config system to join domain everything is fine. I have specified SMSMP=CM01.corp.viamonstra.com in installation properties of Configuration Manger Client



ConfigMgr version is System Center 2012 ConfigMgr SP1, and config to use HTTPS for communication between server and client.


I also try HTTP situation ,windows software can be installed successfully in infrastructure of workgroup and domain.


I google for several days, still not found soulation.


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why are you using HTTPS for all communication ? in my guide i covered HTTP communication only, do you have any specific reason for doing it twith HTTPS ? (it adds more complexity to the situation)


James describes the process for using build and capture in HTTPS mode here

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Thanks for your reply!


About HTTPS communication, I follow Justin Gao's documents.


I just want learn more about HTTP and HTTPS communication, no specific reason.


My enviroment is just for test not real one.




I fllowed James't steps, but Install Software Update is still not successful. Certificate part is work, Workgroup PKI certificate exists when I check in Certificates MMC snap-in.

It seems Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task runs it does not use the program that was modified(it runs the default /useronly /source:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\XXX0000X /config:MobileClient.TCF /status:603) and in SMSCFGRC.cpl it still says Client Certificate: NONE


Don't know reasons.

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