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Required updates for my all servers

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Hi All,


I have a scenario in sccm 2007 patching.


Technically explaining the requirement having a system collection with 50 servers includes 2003R2,2008sp2 and 2008R2.


in that collection servers not patched more than 6-8 months due to organizations requirement servers not patched now i got approval for deploying the patches for the 50 servers.


How to determine the required patches for the system collection so that i can create the deployment package and other things.


I need to generate a sing report it has to show all the required patches for the collections I'm aware sccm native report does not have this reporting features.


post patching how to conclude all the required patches are deployed for the servers.


security and critical patches need to deployed for my servers.


my email id mcsebala@yahoo.co.in


other details

ADS: 2003R2

sCCM 2007sp2

clinets:2003R,2008sp2,2008R2 (servers includes x86 abd x64)

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This really isn't a *WSUS* question, it's a "How to patch with Configuration Manager?" question, and you'll get a better technical answer if you post in the SCCM forum: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/forum/44-sms-2003-sccm-2007-sccm-2012/


However, from a general perspective, the answer is absolutely the same regardless of how a machine gets updated: Automatic Updates, Windows Update, WSUS, or SCCM.


It's a very simple question: What updates are NOT INSTALLED? Those are the ones you should install.

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