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mdt/SCCM integration random computer names

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Hi, I am new to this.

I have mdt+database which I have integrated with sccm2012. I created a MDT task sequence (client installation sequence). In my MDT workbench I have used database to set location settings dependig upon gateway. Basically following this post - http://blogs.technet.com/b/deploymentguys/archive/2011/08/05/dynamic-computer-naming-in-zti-deployments-using-mdt-and-configmgr.aspx

However, for some reason i can't get it working. The computer name is always picked up as default like MINNT-xyz123 . When I saw the bdd logs I do see a section where the OSDComputerName was set to the desired value but it changed to default format again. I am uploading the logs for your reference.

Appreciate your help in this.







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have you seen the post below yet ?


Setting computername during deployment

Using the OSDComputerName variable

Not earlier but I just read the post. I agree there are many ways of setting up OSDComputerName. I am in process of deciding what method to use. i.e use a script to set OSDComputerName and run in the task sequence or use the method told posted by deploymentguys on technet.


I have 2 questions basically - 1. I want to setup the computername according to Location and asset tag. For example.. SWE9898989 where swe is location and 9898989 as asset tag. I used MDT Locations and hardcoded gateway and location information. The gateway was not picked up probably because connection from WinPE to the MDT database was not made. However, the name changed from XXX12132 to MINNT-* format. I am not sure why.


2. What is the best way of renaming the computername. I will be using offline deployment quite a bit in my project and may be the connection to MDT database will be a problem.


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