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I have SCCM 2007 R3


We have pushed java .msi to Windows 7 x64 SP1 systems using Advertisment and settings is "Always rerun program"


I got error with exit code 1619 and it was due to path incorrect , I have corrected this error. and some system successfully installed the .msi


Now, How to retry with the failed system without removing and creating Advertisment again.


What is the time duration that SCCM will try again to start installing it.




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Hi, does this apply to failed software distribution task sequence when you get the error "The program for advertisement "............." failed (" .............- "*"). Operating System Deployment task sequences cannot run when the computer is on the Internet.


The machines that received this error i understand will no longer try to re-run the advertisment.


Is there anyway to manually deploy the task sequence or to distribute the software to individual or a group of clients?

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Thanks GarthMJ........just to confirm, with this tool i can run the same advertisement against the clients? As i understand once the advertisement has been advertised to the client and fails it usually does not run the same advertisement.


I'm new to SCCM to apologies if the questions are basic! :)

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