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Automatic Deployment Rule Unknown Error

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Hello everyone.


I have installed SCCM 2012 thanks largely to the amazing guides found on this forum.


I have a problem with an ADR that deploys Endpoint Protection updates.


When trying to run the rule, it shows the following error: 0X87D20417. Unknown Error.





The rule stopped working on saturday. It was working fine before that.


This is the second time this happens to me. The first time, I deleted the rule and created it again, however I would like to find the cause for this.


Thank you in advance.



EDIT: I have found this error on ruleengine.log:


"Failed to download the update from internet. Error = 12150"


Doing some research, this error seems to be related to filters getting in the way of the server, however this server does not have any filters applied.


Whats even weirder is the fact that it stopped working on saturday.

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Well, in a very microsoft fashion, rebooting the server did the job.


This seems to be a repetitive issue with my installation. I will report back if the problem shows up again...

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