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Remote branch office server question

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I have deployed SCCM 2012 with one site onlyl, however we have two branch offices communicated by two thin WAN links ( < 2 Mbps).


I want to deploy SCCM clients, Endpoint Protection and windows updates through SCCM.


What roles do I have to install on the servers located at the branch offices? I have installed one Distribution Point but it does not install the clients.


Do I have to install the SUP role too? If so, each SUP machine needs WSUS installed?


Thank you!

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I'm guessing this paragraph answers my question:



Installing a Software Update Point at a Secondary Site

At a secondary site, you have the option of installing an active software update point for the site. Having a software update point at a secondary site provides local access to client computers when scanning for software updates compliance. When the secondary site does not have a configured software update point, client computers will connect to the active software update point on the parent site. You will need to determine whether client computers at the remote site have sufficient connectivity to WSUS running on the parent site or whether WSUS running on a local software update point is required.


Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb632674.aspx


I will instal a SUP on each branch and test that.

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i would say you need to install a DP on that site. You only need a SUp on your primary site , or maybe you want to be able to handle the SUP on the branch office to? that wont make the administration optimal.


Dist-point on the branch office


PXE enable the DP if you want to be able to boot on the network

Send all the packages needed for OS installation to that DP

send out the SUP packages you want the clients to install to that DP


If you think the SUp packages are to big install the SUP roll on the DP and download the updates there.


Just a thought.

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