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You may need to re-download Configuration Manager 2012 and Endpoint Protection 2012 SP1 Binaries!

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The binaries for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and System
Center Endpoint Protection 2012 have been updated to correct some minor
issues. The binaries have been updated at the Download Center, and also
on the Technet and MSDN download sites. For Configuration Manager 2012
SP1, the updated download release of SP1 includes the following hotfix:

Installation error 0x800b0101: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 client


For Endpoint Protection, the new binaries include fixed files (Linux/iOS) that were corrupt in the initial release.

MSDN Download Link:


Technet Download Link:


Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Configuration Manager - Clients for Additional Operating Systems


This means if you downloaded the binaries prior to today (1/25) - you will likely need to re-download them.


source > http://blogs.technet.com/b/gladiatormsft/archive/2013/01/26/you-may-need-to-re-download-configuration-manager-2012-and-endpoint-protection-2012-sp1-binaries.aspx

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1 day to late :D . I finally upgraded our environment to SP1 yesterday, but only because i found the kb2801987 at the morning.

It's important to update the distribution points for client upgrade packages which were created from definition after applying kb2801987. The patch must be applied to all site servers.


Thanks for sharing, Niall

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actually the updated code is just to correct the clients not getting deployed issue (which can be corrected by applying hotfix KB2801987)



The following error is logged in the Ccmsetup.log file when you install
the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 client:

Couldn't verify 'C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\MicrosoftPolicyPlatformSetup.msi' authenticode signature. Return code 0x800b0101

so if you have the earlier code and have applied the hotfix, then you don't need to do anything further, i've been impacted by this issue and it's easy to fix, the re-release of the SP1 code means that people will no longer have to worry about applying that hotfix.




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Some details to know if you have RTM or Refreshed ISO



File Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_2012w_SP1_Config_Mgr_EndPt_Protection_MultiLang_-2_X18-84756.ISO

File Size: 948,314,112

MD5 Hash: 53e35591d07de3add537de11056afdc2



File Name: SW_DVD5_SysCtr_2012_w_SP1_Conf_Mgr_and_EndPt_Prot_for_Windows-MultiLang_X18-58783.ISO

File Size: 948,322,304

MD5 Hash: 069c24f62a51b7296d54c1529808d64e

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Hey all

Just to get it right:


If SP1 was installed prior to January 25 and the hotfix from KB280187 already applied, no action is required. This updated release simply removes the need to apply the hotfix to new SP1 installations.

The MSDN and TechNet download links reflect a January 25 release date. Note that while the entry on the Volume License Service Center shows a January 13 release date, the ISO file has been updated. The new file available on the Volume License site is SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_2012w_SP1_Config_Mgr_EndPt_Protection_MultiLang_-2_X18-84756.ISO.

Same release is available from Microsoft Vol. Lic. Service Center

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