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Failed to Download pxe Variable

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I am strugging to get OSD to work from PXE after the processes suddently stopped working for all of your hardware models. What occurs is after PXE booting, the initial download of the .wim is completed and Windows PE briefly loads. Shortly after loading Network Connections, the system reboots.


To identify/resolve the issue the following steps have been completed:


F8 before the reboot occurs shows the computer is not getting an IP

The x86 boot image in SCCM appears to have gotten corrupted as we were unable to add new drivers (although the existing drivers always worked before this issues started)

Restored the default boot image from \\server\SMS_DE1\OSD\boot\i386\boot.wim

Added "all" drivers categorized as NET & HDC (i know this is not necessary but wanted to ensure correct driver was included)

Distributed to all DP's

Uninstalled/Installed Windows AIK 2.0

Deleted all drivers from SCCM and reimported along with creating new Driver Packages

Issue occuring for all computer models

SCCM server reboot


I have attached smsts.log files showing the error.


When viewing properties of the x86 Boot Image, all of the required drivers are listed and the Content Status is showing a current timestamp signaling the DP's should have the correct file version.


There may be some steps I did not include in this post so just let me know what else you need to help identify the issue.


Thank you ALL for your help as I am quite frustrated with this issue and am open to suggestions.





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We have now also disabled PXE from the DP's which also disables WDS. Once this was completed, the server was reboot and PXE along with WDS were enabled. However this did not solve the issue.


Our environment is as follows:


SCCM 2012 running on VMware

One Primary server

5 regionalized DP's (same problem from all DP's)


We need to restore this functionality as we have 50 new machines to deploy in February. At this point, we have escalated a ticket to Microsoft under our Software Assurance contract but have not received a follow up from their technicians. Frankly, I am more confident in receiving a solution from this forum anyway.


Any help would be appreciated.

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