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Multi-domain possibilities?

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I was wondering if it's possible to use SCCM 2012 in a multidomain environment? We have several domains each in their own forests but with the possibility of network connectivity.

Would it be sufficient to set serveral Active-Directory Forests, with their own set of credentials + their own Boundaries and Boundary Groups?

How is this done best-practice-wise?

The idea is to use SCCM2012 as a tool for keeping servers up to date via WSUS. Would that be doable? Are there issues we could run in to by using this?

What would one have to do in the domain beeing added? (Which doesn't contain the sccm2012 server(s))

Edit: What requirements are there when it comes to trusts when doing this?

In my lab I'm now running a one-way trust, allowing the SCCM2012 server full access to the "System" container in forest number 2. Would this be correct?

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