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Format Bitloker encrypted drive during OSD

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We have SCCM 2007 R3 and deploying Windows 7 x64 SP1


We need to Format drive with already bit locker enabled. But
the task sequence failed if we have selected Quick Format.


Now, If we uncheck Quick Format then
Task sequence runs successfully but take longer time to full format 500 GB disk.


How, can I delete bitlocker encrypted drive and Quick Format it during OSD.




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Create a configuration text file with these two lines and then run the diskpart command.


select disc 0



Another option is to use MDT 2012. If you create a new MDT task sequnce you will get a dynamic disk partitioning section which also includes the handling of new empty disks.

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is there a way to check for if BL is on or not during the OSD?


I was hoping for a WQL query something like;

WMI Namespace: root\simv2

WQL Query: Select * From win32_EncryptableVolume where ProtectionStatus like "on"


This way I could create a condition if the above was true to disable the Bitlocker protection and allow the continuance of my task, I'm trying to build one task for my 1000 endpoint inviroment, some are desktops without bitlocker, and some are laptops with bitlocker!

I'm also looking for something similar for TPM enabled/not enabled. this way I could run the dell BIOS utility.


I don't have MDT installed/intergrated

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