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Windows Updates deployments

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I have been recently introduced to SCCM 2007 and i'm happily deploying task sequences and updates.


Aplogies if this has come up before but I'm just trying to establish if i'm doing anything wrong with my windows update deployments. The reason i ask is that I set these up with a scedule to deploy to test group over 5 days but the updates don't seem to hit the laptops until the last day. I would of thought the updates would of happened sporadically over the 5 days.


Is this not the case with SCCM 2007 or am i doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance :-)

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This is usual behaviour for when you set deadlines. By giving a deadline of five days, you are saying that the laptops are given 5 days to get the updates. Those laptops that reach the deadline, will be forced to install once the time limit is reached.


I used to use the deadlines, but to be honest, I found them a pain and now simple choose ASAP for all my deployments.

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