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TsmBootstrap.exe env:SAContinue rc=-2147021886

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In Litetouch.wsf this line of code is populated.



' Resume the task sequence

oUtility.GetOSTargetDriveLetterEx False
sCmd = """" & sTSPath & "\TsmBootstrap.exe"" /env:SAContinue"



oEnvironment.Item("LTIDirty") = "TRUE"
On Error Resume Next
iRetVal = oShell.Run(sCmd,, true)
On Error Goto 0


If (iRetVal = -2147021886) then

oEnvironment.Item("LTIDirty") = "FALSE"

' Reset the Destination Logical Drive ( Drive letter may have changed after rebooting )



That return code is occuring, sometimes, and its causing a reboot and a prompt to continue task sequence but these are supposed to be ZT so its causing some issues.







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First, it always is helpful when we know what tool you are using for deployment. You mentioned that you are having trouble with a litetouch script but that your deployment is supposed to be zerotouch. When it comes to errors during deployment, it is always a good idea to check the logs first. If you are using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) or System Center Configuration Manager (Config Manager) for your deployment, you might want to read the Springboard Series TechNet article Inside Setup - Troubleshoot Windows Deployment Issues as it walks you through the process on how to check the log files and provides a link to where the log files can be found.


Another library article that may also be helpful is Understand Failures and Log Files also from the TechNet page.


Hope this helps and keep us posted on your progress!



Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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