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Hi Folks!


Yesterday I encountered a problem, where laptop refuses to register to configmanager 2012 site.


On the host ClientIDManagerStartup.log is filled with "[RegTask] - Server rejected registration request: 3" errors and on the management point MP_RegistrationManager.log says: "A client is trying to re-register with an administrator revoked certificate:"


On the console I found MP_control_manager screaming "MP has rejected policy request from Client(SMSID = GUID:x) because this SMSID is marked as blocked." However, on the devices, the block/unblock/approve is greyed.


have tried to uninstall client, deleted SMSCFG.INI, SMS related certificates from local computer store (or used old ccmdelcert.exe) ... and also the resource itself, but issue still remains.


How do I delete the blocked SMS GUID from database or generate REALLY NEW SMS GUID?



While attempting to resolve this issue, I noticed on the Management point certificates are all expired (see the image). We are not using PKI yet. I don't know if this is the real issue, since most of the site roles and clients works fine.


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Any updates on this? I have the exact issue.


I uninstalled the client via ccmsetup.exe /uninstall

deleted c:\windows\smscfg.ini

deleted record from console

re-discovered client

used client push


Server still rejects registration.

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