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Device collection updates and Deployments

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Hello. I have two questions about software deployments on SCCM 2012


1. Do deployments affect new devices on the collection?

I created a device collection A and deployed Adobe Reader to it. The app was successfully installed on the intended computers.

Let's say I add a new device to the A collection after the software was deployed.

Will Adobe Reader be automatically deployed to the new devices?

Is this behavior true for software updates and other deployments?

2. If a user uninstalls the deployed app, will it be reinstalled again?

Let's use the same case as above and assume that the Adobe Reader deployment is required.

If the user goes into the control panel and removes the app, will it be installed again by SCCM?

I did try this and the Software Center still shows the app as installed. Is this behavior normal?

Thank you in advance!



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Well all I needed was a little patience.


The answer for both questions is yes.


The deployment affects new devices in the collection and the software is reinstalled after the user uninstalls it.


This is true, at least, for required deployments.


I will leave this post in case anyone has the same question...



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