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OSD Task Sequence won't start in Full OS

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First i would like to say i love this forum, without this and the guides on it i probably wouldn't have made it this far.


However i ran into a problem i can't find the answer too anywhere.


In my Task Sequence my first step is to run a script that prompts the user if he would like too reboot the computer and start the installation.

i added the condition _SMSTSInWinPE to this step and it must equal "false".

However it doesn't work but when i reboot the computer it just starts booting PXE and roll out the OSD task sequence without a problem.


It just seems like the task sequence doesn't start before it is booted into WinPE, am i missing something here?



Hope somebody knows the answer...




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I had it set to Required and also made it available to PXE.


Strange thing is i managed too solve the problem already by building a new task sequence from scratch.

So i build a new one which is exactly the same as the old one but somehow this did the trick.


Maybe it's some strange bug in SCCM 2012???






Alright, i think i might be retarded....

After spending all day long looking at this issue and trying very difficult strategy's i finally went back to basic and took a look again at the deployment properties.

In here under the tab scheduling i set the option rerun behavior to "always rerun program"


And that off course fixed the issue.

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