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Task sequence that uses an Autoit script, is it possible?

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I wrote a little Autoit script to activate a program we use at the college. it works flawlessly when run manually. I am trying to run this autoit script via sccm. Here is what I did so far.


I created a package called GMS Activation, the contents of this package contains a file called GMS.exe, package is on the DP, and has been updated. The package has no program attached to it.


My TS is called GMS Activation inside this TS I have the following commands.


Run a cmdline with gms.exe in command line box.


for start in I have \\mydp\GMS\Activation


I have package checked in the TS and selected the GMS Activation package


time out of 10 minutes.


Since the task is non mandatory, and will need to have the user click install via the software center once they login, the program needs to interact with the user, but the task just hangs running the command line. Can anyone show me some example of using autoit in a TS?. I am certain other people in this forum have successfully used Autoit via sccm.


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If you've packaged the script into an .EXE, is there any particular reason why you are deploying it as a task sequence, and not just like any other regular application? Have you tried leaving the "Start in:" path blank? It should default to the root of your package...

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It may need to be downloaded locally first?

Are you running your task sequence from the DP?


If so you may need to copy the contents of the package to your system first and then use a run command line that executes it from the source location you have specified in your copy task.


Doing it this way still allows you to run your TS from DP instead of having to download all the TS during OSD.


Rocket Man


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