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How does one import Autologon registry keys?

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Thanks for looking over this question. It's driving me crazy.


In our corporate environment we have many workstations that auto log in with a machine-specific username and password. We are a hospital, and these are exam PCs, so many important variables are attached to these unique IDs.


Right now, the environment is Windows XP 32 bit. We are using Config Manager 07 to deploy Windows 7 64 bit.


In the XP environment, I have my task sequence do a command to back up the registry information I need before it downloads PE and reboots. It's a native command line, and it runs a batch file located on a remote server that builds a custom reg file for that machine, naming it dynamically based on the machine's name using the %computername% variable.


It pulls out 5 values from this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

It puts them all into a single .reg file that can then be merged manually or via a command line on the 64 bit machine. The reg file works, so it's not malformed or incompatible.


However, the problem is that I want do this part automatically as part of the task sequence. There are simply too many PCs to do it manually one-by-one.


At the end of my task sequence, after Setup Windows and ConfigMgr, I have placed the 4 attempts, each in their own task:

C:\Windows\REGEDIT /s \\server\share\temp\%computername%.reg

-redirection is OFF

reg add \\server\share\temp\%computername%.reg

-redirection is OFF


C:\Windows\REGEDIT /s \\server\share\temp\%computername%.reg

-redirection is ON

reg add \\server\share\temp\%computername%.reg

-redirection is ON


All of these tasks have Continue on Error enabled and they are all running with an admin account. Again, if I run any one of these commands from the command line while logged in as the admin, they work. As a TS, they do not.


From what I can tell the problem is that once the TS is complete there is a hidden final task to prepare the machine to boot into Admin or wait at the ctrl+alt+del screen (it does the latter), and this action clears the registry information I just merged.


Does anyone have an idea for a workaround? Ideally, when the task sequence completes the workstation is left in the logged-in state using the autologon registry information.


Thank you


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