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PXE booting to all devices_known and unknown

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Were are using SCCM 2012. Our school district has over 4000 computers we reimage every summer. Our collections are setup per building and computer type. One major issue we have with SCCM is reimaging laptop computers after they have had a OSD successfully completed. We feel part of the reason laptop computers give us such grief is when you look at the properties of the laptops data record, it shows the wireless MAC address not the wired which you need for PXE. We start to reimage and then all of a sudden, PXE stops working for specific models. We have spent weeks if not months trying to resolve this. We came to the conclusion that if we just make the client unknown to SCCM we could PXE again (as unknown) and things would work perfect again. Boy was I wrong. One model we have is HP Probook 6445b, which in HP's infinite wisdom, that model all has the same SMGUID. Searching the web we came across the WDS registry entry of BannedGuids. This fixed the issue in the SMSPXE.log when the machine would PXE boot and say "device is in the database" then follow with "no advertisement found" after we deleted the client from SCCM. But now we get " device is not in the database" which we want, the client PXE boots WinPE and after entering the password on the task sequence wizard, it returns the message "there are no task sequences available for this computer." We definitely have a TS assign to unknown computers. Is there some way to remove all traces of a client's record from the system center database? Is there a better solution that we just don't know about? Ultimately we would like to PXE boot any machine on our network and have a TS set up for "PXE and media only" for every OS image and driver package we use, and be able to deploy to known and unknown computers. Luckily we only have eight different models, and six different images for our district, with exceptions of course. Thanks in advance for any help and solutions.



Microcomputer Technical Support.

West Seneca Central Schools.

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