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SCCM 2012 SP1 Update process step by step

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So I went through with it and did the SP1 Update for SCCM 2012 Config Manager.

These are the steps I took, However I downloaded the guide from Microsoft click here for the upgrade planning guide.

First thing first Check for a successful smsbackup

****don't start unless you have a successful backup*****

C:\program files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs

Check SMSBKUP.log

Look for the following below:

SQL Backup task completed successfully.

Backup completed - Mon Apr 29 17:37:19 2013 SMS_SITE_BACKUP 4/29/2013 5:37:19 PM 4372 (0x1114)

I'm running SQL 2008

So the supported version of SQL is 10.50.4000.0 in order to do the upgrade and make sure you have at least 8 gigs of memory.


After verifying your SQL Version Download the following:



3.ADK for Windows 8

4.KB2506143 Windows Management Framework 3.0

5. .NET 4.0 Framework

6.SCCMSCEP12_7804 "upgrade for sccm 2012 sp1"

note "KB2506143 includes power shell 3.0 which is required"


Install all the following in the this order:



uninstall WAIK installation KIT


Open SCCM console make sure it still works then close.

Install ADK for windows 8 "take defaults"

Install .net frame work 4.0

Install KB2506143

Verify .net framework installed

Verfiy windows management framework installed

Verfiy Powershell 3.0


Now you should be ready to start.

Launch the splash.hta on ISO or cd


Make sure to * Get the latest configuration Manager updates*

Save to your local drive


Install Configuration Manager Console


Run the assesment

Verify all warnings

You might have some warnings which this is Okay but verify the settings.

Then continue with the update this could take from 30 to 60 minutes

you can observe configmgrsetup.log with CMtrace for real time error tracking during the updgrade.


After you have successfully upgraded to SP1 make sure to update your remote consoles and clients.

use the files located on the server in c:\program files\microsoft config manager\tools\consolesetup\consolesetup.exe




And that's it I hope this helps shed some light for the upgrade.

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Thanks for this.


My upgrade is currently running, hopefully all goes well. I have a few notes about my process:

  • KB2734608 would not install for me. It acted like I didn't have the right version of WSUS; "the upgrade product is missing". I have SP2, but maybe there was a superseeded update already installed on my server. Just a guess though. The prerequisite check put out a warning saying I needed both KB2720211 and KB2734608 but allowed me to begin the install. Fingers crossed it succeeds.
  • I had to add the User State Migration Tool (USMT) during the ADK installer. I had to go back and add this since I left only the defaults checked.

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