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SMS_Site_SQL_Backup Error

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For posterity, I wanted to contribute something wacky I've resolved with Microsoft's help.


Server 2008

SCCM 2007 SP1

Remote SQL 2005 DB


Text book install on pristine hardware. Was getting errors and had several working against me. This KB explained one:




However the Hot Fix did NOT work. Updated DLL. Same problem Turns out that the Install.MAP file was not correct and an important bootstrap file wasn't called. Once I updated Install.MAP and bounced the Site Component Manager, the sun came out, birds sang, and all was right in the universe. This was not intuitive, was not posted anywhere, and the support rep said that the documentation was internal. Not sure how or why this one hit me, but in case anyone else runs into this here's the line:


In the ConfigMgr root (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager folder is a file called Install.MAP. Open this and find the section SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP under the BEGIN_COMPONENT_FILELIST section. There should be an entry:


FILE <smssqlbkup.exe><1><766496>


This tells SCCM the name of the executable, a bit flag for installed <1> or uninstalled <0>, and a 6 digit code for the file. The remote SQL Server needs the srvboot.exe file to well...bootstrap the component remotely. But it wasn't in my Component list. I added the following line after the previous one:


FILE <srvboot.exe><0><219904>


Bounce the component manager and enjoy life. Though maybe few others will see this, I find it hard to believe anyone else in this environment wouldn't have the same problem. They did agree this was Hot Fix support and did not levy a support incident. Hope that helps some poor frustrated soul somewhere.

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