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SCCM 2012 SP1 CU1 -- Cannot PXE anymore...or send out applications

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Should I cut my losses and rebuild all my libraries?


Some Background:

Over the past week I have been trying to redistribute and validate all packages, applications and OSDs to our SCCM server. The reason for this is that one of the hdd for the server was relocated from one virtual datastore to another. Unfortunately we discovered after the fact that SCCM could no longer validate the hash of any of the packages - each and everyone was listed as unavailable.


I set about redistributing them and validating them, but now I am faced with the situation that the process to validate\redistribute is hanging and not completing the job. Looking at the resource logs for the server I can see it is accessing the hdd at a high rate, but within tolerable limits. And aside from that, no other server resource is been unduly stressed or used. But at the same time, no packages, images, OSDs are getting validated or distributed. They all display "in progress". And have done so for several days now.


And now for the complication that is the CU1 KB2817245 hotfix - this was unfortunately applied yesterday and we are unsure if it is the cause of the PXE not been able to distribute OSD TS or if that issue is tied to the "in progress" waiting.


Leading me to either think I should cut my losses and to save time rebuild my entire catalogue. Or should I try and troubleshoot it some more...but then where should I start?


Organisation info:

We are a school with a single SCCM 2012 server in an 2008 R2 environment. All clients are managed with ConfigMngr. We make exclusive use of Windows 7 in a 40/60 split between x64 and x32 versions.


Any info\help is appreciated.

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One dp - combined with the main SCCM server.


Going through each individual object in each category under Software Library and am removing all distributions that are either "in progress" or "failed".


Once done going to redistribute some to see if they go through.

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Wonderful stuff...and right before quitting time too!


Managed to get the distribution service working again as it should...


What I did:

1. Removed all failed\in progress distributions & content locations

2. Backup up server

3. Remove distribution role from server

4. Reapply distribution role

5. Distribute content

6. Deploy content


And it works.


Its questionable if all that is required is the reapplication of the distribution point, but I am not going to try that from the backup.


Also, I have not yet tested the PXE service...but I'll leave this til after the long weekend.


Was interesting: Looking at the distmgr.log it seems as if the packages were getting ready to be distributed, and succeeding, but yet the server itself could not complete that. Now it does.

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