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Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Failover Scenarios

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A question regarding the SCCM 2010 SP1 failover scenarios for managing around 200 clients:


I am deciding between following scenarios:


1). Two Primary Servers (P01 and P02)

In this case, if P01 goes down, would all 200 client automatically migrate and received updates from P02?


2). Windows Failover Cluster with shared storage and just one SCCM Primary Server



Which option is better for high availability?



Note: Primary server roles will be hosted on a VM and SQL Enterprise will be used.

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1. Two Primaries for 200 hundred clients is an "over-kill".

2. The only role that is supported on a cluster is the database.


If it's really that important, for that small number of clients, to have a fallback-like-scenario, than you could think about doubling the MPs and SUPs and hosting the database on a cluster.

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