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Force Computers to Restart after Install Software Updates

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I feel like I keep posting questions. I tried to do a search on this but everything was bringing me to the exact opposite of what I am trying to do.


It seems that even though I have maintenance window set for 18 hours on a collection every day for my testing. The machines install the updates but the user's are prompted to restart instead of just restarting the computers.


I can't seem to figure out how to force the computers to restart, RESTART Suppression is only set for servers.

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The problem is 2 things need to be set correctly.


ADR Rule Deployment's User Experience must be set to the following to force Restart/Software Installation even with a maintenance window


  • Software Installation (CHECKED)
  • Suppress Software Restart on Workstations (UNCHECKED)

When deploying the software group you essentially have to check the same fields otherwise it may not work. I cant seem to figure out why you have to do this twice it seems like wasted work to have to perform this step twice for an Automatic Deployment Rules.

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