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Servers in 1 domain apper offline

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I have 4 domains being monitored under SCOM. I have a very weird problem as every now and then one of the domains (always the same one), appears as offline (by domain, i mean all the servers that are in the domain).

Evey time this happens, i check all servers, and they are absolutely fine. I can ping them, RDP, nothing in the event logs etc.

It comes back after a couple of hours on it's own...


Do you have any ideas? Which log should i be looking into?


Thank you in advance!



I am a newbie in SCOM so please "be simple" in your answers :)

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Wooju, do you have the agents in the other domain (let's call it Domain B) reporting to a Management Server in Domain A? There may be a communication breakdown, or maybe a security/authentication issue.


See this post about deploying agents across multiple domains: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179947.aspx


I'm wondering if you installed a separate Management Server or a Gateway in Domain B, if that would help. Because, then all the agents in Domain B would report their data/communicate with Management Server/Gateway in Domain B, which would then compress the data and send it back to Domain A (which I assume is where your main SCOM servers and database reside).

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