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Server 2012 AD errors

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We are running in a 2008 environment. One of our servers (AD0) failed and we decided to replace it with a 2012 server.

After doing the install and setting up active directory everything seemed fine, but after some time the netlogon and sysvol shares disappeared.

I ran dcdiag and it came up with three errors. (file attached)

The sysvol was attached at one point as it was copied over but now there is no share.


Any help you could provide would be great.




AD0 dcdiag.txt

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As far as I remember in server 2012 there is a flag that gets set to on if a server 2012 AD shuts down abruptly to prevent AD corruption if multiple sites are replicating with each other and the server gets started back up. I had similar problems with sysvol replicating between 3 server 2012 DCs that are sitting on a 3 node 2012 cluster whenever there was an abrupt shutdown and total loss of power....The problem was highlighted with a microsoft consultant and this is what our problem was.......the flag was reset and sysvol started replicating again....this may be your issue..

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Hi Rocket Man,


I have got the same problem and I'am looking for solution since I started, aproximetly few weeks. Hopefully I will find a solution beacuse of you. You posted that you find some flag in registry with some help from microsoft. Could you tell more specific about this flag you reseted and if this has got influenco sth else? Sysvol is missing automatically in about 10 days and won't repplicates anymore. I think this can be a bug of WS 2012 but I am not sure.




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