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Canada Jack

Is there any easy way export all SCCM stuff in my lab and import in customer server?

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Hi guys


I already knows, If I want use SCCM for internal, I need build Win Server, install SQL and SCCM etc. Once complete, deploy OS or application through the SCCM server in my company.


However If I open an IT company , provide IT server for customer. For example, the local District School Board want use SCCM to manage huge PCs in the school. They are never use SCCM before, just have a couple Windows Server such as 2008. So in that case, I need go to school board IT office, collaborate with school board's IT administrator, follow the SCCM guide (They should have AD, DNS, DHCP, WSUS and IIS already, so I just need install SQL and SCCM 2007 or 2012 ) , once complete, do deploy OS and Applications. But this may take a lot of time working in school board IT office.


I am just a thinking: Is there any easy way to complete these task? Such as I complete all SCCM setting in my IT company, export everything such image wim, package and Task Sequence etc , import everything in school board's Windows server after SCCM's install is complete. So it will save me a lot of time in customer site. Is it possible?


I means: I don't want spent one month of SCCM build in my IT company, and spend another month in customer site.


Please give some idea to me, especially the guy who working in IT Consultant company. I want to know when your customer request use SCCM solution to manage their huge PCS, how do you made in high quality and short time?


Thanks a lot

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It is possible to import and export lots of objects (including their content). I've just never had any reason to do that, because every customer is different. Every customer has its own applications, applications get renewed, deployment requests, etc.


Hi Peter


Thank you for your time. I understand difference customer has difference needs.


Let's say, you are working in IT Consultant company. One oil company want use SCCM 2007 to manager 5000 PCs in there site. How do you complete this contract?


Now my idea is:


Build SCCM server and do a QA in IT Consultant company. Once is done, go to oil company, repeat again from setup SCCM server to QA. It will definitely works. However this will take a lot of time.


So I an just thinking, if I can export everything from SCCM server in IT Consultant company, and import into customer SCCM server. So I just need do a QA. That's will save a time and reduce a huge cost, right?

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I would try to scope the job to things that I know, I can deliver within a specific time (like an installation, os deployment, that many different driver packages, etc). The rest that the customer wants can be done against a rate per hour.


Thank you for your time. It's seems not any easy way export all SCCM stuff in my lab and import in customer server. In other words, I build SCCM server and do a QA in my lab. Once is done, go to customer's site, repeat again from setup SCCM server to QA.


I think I only can export task sequence and import into customer server, however I need manaul setup other part in customer server.


The SCCM doesn't have a tools like The User State Migration Tool (USMT) which allow transfer files and settings between PCs. Right?

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Thanks guys. Finally, I got it.



I can export SCCM 2012 objects (packages, collections, SRS reports, etc) and then import them in another, totally different SCCM 2012 site-server.

Much better, if there is open network TCP/IP connectivity between both SCCM 2012 servers, then, I can use the built-in SCCM 2012 (with SP1) migration tool to migrate whatever objects are needed. This way, its says lot manual steps of export, import, etc.

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