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Wireless connected during OSD

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We are looking at deploying Windows 8 via SCCM 2012 to a load of Tablets.
We are currently doing the deployments over the wired network but it would be great if we could connect to the wireless network during the OSD so the machines always connect to it when on allowing first time domain login to be done wirelessly.
We used to do this using the NetSH WLan command however this is no longer supported in Win PE 4.0.
Is there a way we can do this through SCCM? If we could customise the boot image to add the Wlan functionality that would be great.

Sorry if this is an incredibly simple question i'm still finding my feet with SCCM

I understand this would be more difficult for U/P wirless networks but at the moment we're just using MAC authentication. If the Machine can see the wireless it can connect to it. Although U/P connection ideas would be more than welcome too for future reference.

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