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Hello All,

I'm using SCCM 2012 SP1 and I created a package for my Master Preference file to install after my Google Chrome installation runs first. This MP file is supposed to set all my GP flags for me so that my Chrome install comes out looking like I need it to. The Chrome part of the package installs just fine. Just the MP file and my install.cmd file fail and I get the above error code. When I open up CMTrace Log Tool to have a look see I don't see any smts.log files in my C:\Windows\CCM\Logs directory. Any help would be kindly appreciated.






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This is a "file not found" error. What does your cmd look like?


My advice for Batch files: always use "pushd %~dp0" as your very first line and "popd" as last line. Make sure that your copy/xcopy command is correct. Also make it multi platform by using switches for x86 and x64 systems.

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