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Trouble deploying Windows 8 using UEFI to HP Laptop

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Im a bit of a newbie to SCCM so hear goes;


I am trying to deploy Windows 8 64 bit to a HP 8470p laptop using UEFI. The build is failing on an error code of 80004001 or (0x80004001)


I have attached a screen shot of the task sequence editor that I am using at the bottom of the page.


When I search through the smsts.log file I am coming across the following error messages either in Red or Yellow


[system partition not set

[unable to locate a bootable volume. Attempting to make C:\ bootable.


Volume C:\ has an NTFS filesystem


Marking partitions active is only supported for MBR disks.


Unable to activate partition (0x80004001)


Failed to make volume C:\ bootable. Code 0x80004001


Failed to make volume C:\ bootable. Please ensure that you have set an active partition on the boot disk before installing the operating system.
Not implemented (Error: 80004001; Source: Windows)


[Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System.
Not implemented (Error: 80004001; Source: Windows)]


The execution of the group (Install Operating System) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed.
Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows)


System partition not set]

Unable to locate a bootable volume. Attempting to make C:\ bootable.]L


If anyone has any knowledge of why this is happening or how I can correct it would be greatly appreciated.




David :)



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if you are deploying to a UEFI only system then you need to partition it for GPT disks, you cannot install Windows in UEFI mode on MBR discs,

i've created a guide to show you exactly how to do this for the Microsoft Surface Pro, the only thing you'd need to change is the boot image if the architecture is x86, you can read the guide here.

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