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WDS server 2012 - How to push $OEM$ folder during OS deploy

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Hello !

I am currently trying to deploy Win 7 using unattend file and driver store injection. The target machine picsk up the correct drivers, so that part works fine. My autounattend.xml works fine as well. My problem is that I also need to push a $OEM$ folder to target system which contains custom background image as well as all the drivers in case customer needs re-install a driver. I was hoping I could just the $OEM$ in the install directory and it would get picked up during install. Nope.


Any help would be greatly appreciated !!





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You need to create a $OEM$ folder in Deployment\Images\YourImages folder.


So for example

Create this folder:




Then create

Deployment\Images\MyImages\Image1\$OEM$\$$ (this goes directly to the C:\Windows directory)

Deployment\Images\MyImages\Image1\$OEM$\$1 (this goes directly to the C:\ directory)


Then put your files and folders in those directories and they will get deployed with your images.

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