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OSD Tasksequence hangs on installing application

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I''m in the proces of building new images. I made 2 new images (captured with tasksequence) Windows 7 with Office2010 or 2013 and 2 new images with windows 7, Adobe CS 55 and Office2010 or Office 2013.


This worked fine.

Then I made new Tasksequences with the new images and a new Boot image.

I also added CU2 for SCCM2012 SP1 to the Taskseqeunce list.

All 4 TSQ's are running fine to the point where the applications step (I've got three application installation steps, all with 3 apps in it) begins. From then some installations stop at the first application, some stop at the second or third. And one is installing the first step but stops at the second (so three applications are indeed installed).

No errors are visible in the SMSTS.log.

And I know that these TSQ's are working because one out of ten is installing without a problem.

So I'm getting pretty desperate.

Anyone got some suggestions



Got back this morning and 2 of my machines were still busy installing, they installed 2 applications overnight (Adobe Flash Player). It took about 15 hour?!?!

One machine timed out, I'm gonna look for clues now.

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I have the same problem but only when deploying windows 10. I have the same TS as windows 7 just a copy of it and than I changed the Windows Image to Windows 10. It installs the app successfully but never moves to the second in the list. I have to force boot the machine to get out of the TS.

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