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SCCM Package - LogMeInRescue 7.3

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I have created a LogMein rescue package to make a deployment on our customer support (300) pc’s.


however these CC agents don’t have local admin privileges on their systems; but have made adjustment in program “run with administrative rights”


this package contains 3 program 1) a VB script file that will add a website to IE trusted secure zone in internet options. 2) a web console plugin that will enable an add-on in IE

3) technician console program that will install on desktop.


When I have tested this package on my test PC, it works well without any issues. But when I have tested on 2 Agent’s (windows 7/XP) PC , it is showing my below message


Though when I check, it is properly removing older version and installing newer updated version of LMI 7.3


If I click on “don’t show this again” and LogMeInRescueConsole 7.3 loads properly.


I wonder, if LMI tool is getting updated, still its showing message to “update a new version” and I didn’t see this message on my test pc.


How I could disable/remove this message?


Please suggest your inputs here. Thanks


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Check for a change in registry perhaps from pre and post modification.

If the Dont show this again tick box makes/changes a value in the registry then export the reg key and deploy also with package!

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