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Just wondering if anyone had a recommended best practice for page file size and settings for Windows Server 2012.

Does the old 1.5 X installed memory rule still apply?

A quick Google found this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/13383.best-practices-for-page-file-and-minimum-drive-size-for-os-partition-on-windows-servers.aspx


What is everyone out there using for their page file settings?



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There is no reason to change the Page File values, apart from to save space on nearly full storage drives.


The 1.5x memory rule hasn't applied since we went over about 1GB of ram on Windows XP. Windows 7 even follows the 1.5x rule and I've only ever reduced this personally because no applications actually use the space.


Windows is much better at managing the page file automatically than it ever was before and Server 2012 doesn't follow the 1.5x rule, it's smarter. IMHO - don't change it!


If you do manage to find an application that is capable of using more than a couple of hundred MB of pagefile please let me know. I haven't seen one to date.

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