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MP File Dispatch Manager

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Hi Everyone.


We recently upgraded to SP1 and are noticing some error and warning messages under Component Status--particularly SMS_MP_File_Dispatch_Manager.


The messages we are seeing are: (i've changed the server names in this post)



  • MP File Dispatch Manager running on the management point "Server01" cannot connect to site server "Server02".


Management Points seem to be working fine. Has anyone else run into these issues/messages after upgrading to SP1?



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Sorry to dredge up an old topic.


We recently started receiving this error on our SCCM 2012 SP1 system.

MP File Dispatch Manager cannot copy files from "C:\SMS\MP\OUTBOXES\rdr.box" to "\\<server.domain>\SMS_TSM\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\regreq".

This thread, and the answers I've found through Googling all say to fix permissions on the outbox or inbox, or to CREATE the outbox or inbox.


However, there is no C:\SMS folder structure on our SCCM server. Our setup was installed by a consultant, and he recommended against installing SCCM2012 on the C: drive, so he created a small C: and a large E:\ that SCCM is installed on.


I see no E:\SMS folder structure either. So my questions are: Is it a good idea to try and create this folder structure manually? Shouldn't SCCM know where it's inboxes / outboxes located?

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