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Proper storage space setup for distribution point SCCM SP1

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I apologize if the scope of this question gets too big, but I have a question about setting up a Distribution Point, after I've already setup a standalone primary site. From what I have been reading online, it's not hard to create a hierarchy after the fact, but I do have a few questions on how to properly setup SCCM for storage. I learned the hard way that SCCM downloads the files directly to the server (if it's a distribution point) rather than just running the files from a network share. After reading online, I understand this a little better based on having a wide geographic location within a SCCM hierarchy, but it's now caused a problem with storage space on my server.

  1. If my second server will just be a distribution point, do I still need to expand the hierarchy (since it's currently a standalone primary)?
  2. Is there a proper way to setup the partitions on the server? For example, C drive only 40 GB and E drive as 1 TB. Will SCCM then use the E drive for storage when you enable the distribution point role?
  3. If there are other partitions, do you need to create the NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS files in the root of each partition? Source: http://www.cireson.com/sccm-tips/sccm-tips-1-how-to-control-sccm-data-storage-locations/
  4. Could you simply add some SAN space to the current server to replace the small data partition that is filled up?

Thanks for the help!

Brad Meyer

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