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How to stop patch download process

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Hello Friends,


I am new to SCCM 2012 SP1


Trying to work on Automate Deployment Roles.

Created a Rule for XP updates and ran it manually.

On going through PatchDownloader.log i am getting error

ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80072efd    Software Updates Patch Downloader    8/21/2013 1:59:56 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)

Ruleengine.log is showing

Downloading contents (count = 1) for UpdateID 16784525    SMS_RULE_ENGINE    8/21/2013 1:38:05 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)
List of update content(s) which match the content rule criteria = {16783853}    SMS_RULE_ENGINE    8/21/2013 1:38:05 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)
Downloading content with ID 16783853 in the package    SMS_RULE_ENGINE    8/21/2013 1:38:05 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)
Failed to download the update from internet. Error = 12029    SMS_RULE_ENGINE    8/21/2013 1:38:47 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)
Failed to download ContentID 16783853 for UpdateID 16784525. Error code = 12029    SMS_RULE_ENGINE    8/21/2013 1:38:47 PM    6832 (0x1AB0)

Internet access is via proxy which is configured under "Site System" settings.
IE browser is having proxy address configured and I am able to access internet with the account that is configured under Site system properties

Under SUP settings
I had "Use proxy server when sync software updates" selected, but "Use proxy server when downloading content by using Automatic deployment rules" was unchecked when I Run the ADR.


Now I have enabled that option, but the logs are still showing up the errors mentioned above.

I guess I will have to stop the on going process 1st then re-run the Rule again to get the new settings, or may be something else.

Please give your inputs to make it right.



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I had this exact problem and this didn't fix the problem. I got lucky and decided to search the registry for my proxy because I cleared it out of everywhere I could think of. Sure enough I found it in a SMS reg key. Then I cleared it and and now my ADR's are working correctly. I had to put my servers on a different vlan so they have a direct connection now, no proxy but oh well at least they work.

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