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Duplicate SCCM Stand-alone Media USB

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For a mirgration project we want to use 50 or more SCCM Bootable Stand-alone USB Sticks.


I've read on this forum earlier about a device which is able to copy a source SCCM Stick to many others simultaneous.


I'cant find the topic back, can you advise me which device is good for this task?


Maybe someone has expierence with it ?


Thanks in advanced,



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I've found the following solutation:


Create Task Sequence Media USB Stick with SCCM.


With the following free software: ImageUSB you can make a .BIN file from the Orginal SCCM USB Key.

Save this .BIN file somewhere and after creation, you can use this .BIN file to write it to multiple USB sticks.

I've tested this application and wrote simultaneous to 4 USB Sticks , and they all are bootable and working :)


Next Monday i will test it with an USB Hub, to write to 14 USB Sticks and once.


Link: http://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html


Tip: When creating the .BIN file, this file become very large. In mine example I had a 15GB SCCM TS and the .BIN file was 61GB.

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