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Deepak Rawat

DHCP NAP Issue ( Compliant machines geting quarantined)


Hi All,


I am stuck with DHCP-NAP issue here at user end.


Whenever the client machines sleep or rebooted or even network cable is plugged out and in, the machines stop getting correct "Subnet Mask".


As per our NAP policy if machines are:

  • NAP Non-Compliant
  • NAP Non-Capable

then only these machines will be quarantined and won't get correct "subnet Mask", and hence will be blocked from accessing our corporate network.


However, machines which are NAP-Compliant, gets quarantined and every time when we do a "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew", machines again starts picking correct "Subnet Mask" and is able to access network.


So far, the troubleshooting (event viewer states) states that the SHV send their states to NAP client (user end) but the NAP client is not able to communicate back to SHVs.


Hence, even the NAP-Compliant machines are getting quarantined.


Any expert here, who can help me... Its affecting many users and my image too... :(







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