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SCAC 2012 SP1 in a LAB – Configuration (Part C – Customize the Organization Logo)

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Customize the Organization Logo

You can customize the organization logo of the App Controller console.


To customize the organization logo

Navigate to the website root of the App Controller installation directory. By default, this is %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft System Center 2012\App Controller\wwwroot.

AppC Customize Logo 01.png


Create a backup of the default organization logos by renaming the files as follows:

a. Rename SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png to SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png.old

b. Rename SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png to SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png.old

AppC Customize Logo 02.png


Copy your logo into the wwwroot folder.



The images must meet the following requirements:


Location: Top Left

Image Name: SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png

Size: 287x44


Location: Top Right

Image Name: SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png

Size: 108-16



The logos that you can change appear at the top of the App Controller site.

AppC Customize Logo 03.png







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