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Hello all,


I'm still fairly new to SCCM2012, and I have a couple of questions. I looked online, but didn't have much luck as to finding a direct answer. Does SCCM2012 automatically deploy the new Win7 updates that I add to my deployment package? Or do I have to manually create an entire new deployment package?


What I would ideally like to do is deploy new Win7 updates biweekly (or even monthly), and i'm not positive of the best way to approach this. My goal is to have it be as automated as possible.

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I have, but i'm not entirely sure how it functions.


Currently i'm doing a search under the "All Software Updates" for all windows 7 updates (It only shows win7 and forefront updates for now), and then highlighting them all and putting them into a "Software Update Group", and then i'll right-click and deploy that group to the collection that I want to update. That was easy.


When I create an ADR, it creates a deployment package AND a software update group. I guess i'm just not sure why it has to create a deployment package AND a software update group.


In my property filters, I chose NO for superseded. Will this automatically delete any superseded updates from the deployment package/update group?



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