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How to Setup Windows Update on Server Machine on Exec Time Window.

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Hello All,

i am facing Problem, after a while.

i setup up windows Update Automatic Rule, and it was working Perfect or i never notice issue.

i setup update rules in every Friday at 8pm to 9pm my update will run and install and reboot, if require.

and i setup maintenance time window for friday 8pm to 9 Pm.


but in last friday (13/09/2013) i checked. out of 100 servers only 4 went trough.

and rest of 96 got In Progress and (Waiting for maintenance windows before installing )

i checked servers event viewer but nothing in there.


can you guys help me out to achieve this goal please.


thank you

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An hour for a Maintenance Window is a bit short. With every update the client will calculate whether it can be installed during the window or not (based on max run time + countdown + = default of 35 minutes). So it's very well possible that the client ran out of its window. Either look in the reports or the update% log files.

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Now i checked my Deployment Status, its in Unknown with "Client Check Passed /Active"


but im not receiving any updates , or anything, i tried to uninstall lot of update to check, ether its downloading update or not.


my mission is to install all the update 8pm to 9Pm every Friday. so i setup maintenance time on 8pm to 9Pm every friday

please advice, if i setup correctly .

Thank you

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