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Move MDT DS from physical PC to SCCM 2012

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We began creating our Win 7 image in MDT 2012, but the image was created with MDT on a physical Win7 x64 machine in my cubicle.

The image and deployment share look good, LTI task sequence, drivers, base OS and scripts are all set - it's ready to go! But we want to deploy it with SCCM.


We have an SCCM 2012 SP1 Hierarchy w/CAS environment setup.


I searched around a lot, looked through guides, but haven't found a solution for this scenario yet:


Q: What would I need to do to take my existing MDT deployment share from this physical PC, and move it to SCCM? So that there would be no dependency on the original physical PC.


I assume I'd need to install MDT on the SCCM CAS and copy the entire DS to it? I'm a bit lost at where to start from this point, and would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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I would reuse the drivers, packages and scripts and create a new MDT Task Sequence in SCCM, there is really no way of importing it if you want to leverage the full Power of Configuration Manager.

Install MDT on the CAS, Primary site servers and on all clients/servers that are running the console as well otherwise they will not be able to edit the MDT Task Sequence.

Copy the drivers to SCCM and import them in SCCM instead.


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