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Help please: do not install secondary site clients, I reinstalled The site and nothing.

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Thanks to this forum I managed to implement a hierarchy, but now I have an issue for days.
I have a primary site and five secondary site clients are inactive, and checked and everything is ok with the site components, reinstall the secondary site and my customers are always inactive, now I can not install clients not fully installed , only a part (see picture to understand), I appear in the console inactive; without status (active or inactive)
I deleted the secondary site again, and launched the client computers and the problem persists.
The other sites work fine. The authentication key everything is ok, no alerts in the components.
LOG BGbServer.log
ERROR: SQL exception when retrieve client certificate from DB. Exception: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_GetPublicKeyForSMSID', database 'dataprimarysite', schema 'dbo'. -2146232060 SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 21/09/2013 15:46:26 4568 (0x11D8)
ERROR: Can't verify signature in message without client certificate for client SCCM GUID:10B1748A-8254-49D2-BA21-C6A51DAE815B SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 21/09/2013 15:46:26 4568 (0x11D8)
ERROR: Invalid hook to be decoded. Authentication SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 21/09/2013 15:46:26 4568 (0x11D8)
ERROR: Failed to decode message body (<BgbSignInMessage TimeStamp="2013-09-21T13:46:21Z"><ClientType>SCCM</ClientType><ClientVersion>5.00.7804.1000</ClientVersion><ClientID>GUID:10B1748A-8254-49D2-BA21-C6A51DAE815B</ClientID></BgbSignInMessage>) with message header (<Message><SourceType>SCCM</SourceType><SourceID>GUID:10B1748A-8254-49D2-BA21-C6A51DAE815B</SourceID><Hooks><Hook Name="Authentication"><Property Name="PayloadSignature" Value="6vlaQj2eHmfFMsMcs2wZGAy1j/9tzyax7Xm5SGi2m32FBXC5UJ5Hmj6sECzrA+9n CGwqY/KIyY3aWda9KFPZnVMsP3+MX+0b7lNZsapYMCcLbdhoxR+uy9fD0jX3LL/k 5l9A1HtdFYu/s+DlSicnGOJwp3aOE93ytVy+/IFnJsDh6659jz54Q5tJTAur4hW0 gouDN7YMh3j+0qVevJhQjQESO7B/wnnYUrFQvOGLNNsaVxhC3Tb8OA3paFo3jZ66 7epPWjtgNZ6nd37nB91LgZiobGW3u4dJnGkFxg9V6qDN9hrGlOwPhrj7Ucm0aj+G AmkJEuAOXd9CD3+MJHFdBA=="/></Hook></Hooks></Message>) SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 21/09/2013 15:46:26 4568 (0x11D8)
ERROR: Failed to process SignIn message from client SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 21/09/2013 15:46:26 4568 (0x11D8)
ERROR: Exception: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An error occurred during the connection attempt because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or there was an established connection failed because the host connected has failed to respond.







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Appreciate you are a beginner, so forgive me if i give you any advice you already know.


1. Clients are not assigned to secondary sites. Clients are only assigned to Primary Sites.


2. The errors you are seeing sound to me like permissions errors. Check all of the following:

a. Permissions on the System Management container must include the computer account of all Site Server including the Secondary Site Server.

b. Permission on the database for the account you have specified to run your SQL Services. If you have specified"System" the you must add the

computer account even though this isnt good practice, it will get things working.

Hope this helps.



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Hello friend, thank you very much for your time and for answering, I agree with what you say about the secondary sites. The issue is that these secondary sites already had permission in the scheme, were in production before it corrupted admin accounts have all privileges on the database of the primary site, reinstalled the OS, re-create the secondary site and error continues.

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