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WSUS dosn`t work

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I'm busy installing sccm 2012 on a windows Server 2012 SP1 and SQL 2012

Everythink works fine, but WSUS makes problem.

first i installed all the features and the WSUS Role. (i didn't configured the WSUS. i just installed the Role)

After it i switched to the SCCM Console and added the SUP Role. then i got en error and i removed it again and again.

still the same problems.

Maybe somebody can help me to fix it ;-)

Below i have some Screenshots with the errors.


Thank you ;-)





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in the Properties on the SUP i see Port Number: 8530 and SSL Port Number: 8531


on the IIS Advanced Settings on the "WSUS Administration" Site is Bindings: http:*:8530: configured.


And for your information: The WSUS, IIS and SCCM are on the same Server installed

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Good Morning

I solved the problem. But i'm not sure which task it fixed :-/ This morning the Patches where downloadet.


But i guess i made the following:



I had exactly the same error. After the change "manual rename" i reinstalled the WSUS and the Sup. in Windows Manager i started the WSUS to set the SQL Instance and the Patch Download folder.

The next step "Configure WSUS" i canceled.


Many thanks to everyone for your Help ;-)

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