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Multi-Threading with the Distribution Manager component

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I am current configuring SCCM 2012 SP1 for a client with more than 25000 users and facing a tough situation with the architecture that I am implementing for the new environment. I am curious to know if SCCM 2012 SP1 SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER supports multithreading. If that component uses single thread then it will have a big impact on the postings of applications to a big chunk of remote DPs some of which are connected through slow links.
Since those remote DPs will get various application packages simultaneously, I want to ensure that the users in those remote locations are not affected. If the SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER works in a single-thread mode then all the 1200 applications (targeted to those DPs) will be placed in order of priority and that might have some adverse effect on the users. However, in a single-thread mode I think we can change the priority of certain packages to get preference over the rest but I don’t know how to configure that in SCCM 2012. I tried to find related threads in TechNet and some top forums as this one but so far I am unsuccessful to get any.
Please help if anyone knows whether SCCM 2012 Distribution Manager component supports multithreading. I know SCCM 2007 did not support multithreading. Any info on this will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




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I've been doing a fair amount of reading on file replication due to the project I am working on. Keep in mind I am a bit of a n00b on SCCM, so I not an expert, but this is what I have gathered.


SCCM replication between sites will use up to 5 threads, but no more than three at a time to any one particulate site. So, on the surface, that should answer your question regarding threads used.




...if you plan to turn on any sort of file replication throttling or scheduling between sites, you'll only have one thread working for you. Even if you set a rate limit to 100% bandwidth - which one may think is the same as turning off throttling, but isn't - you will only get one thread working on replication. Since I see you have slow links, you very well may throttle traffic. That'll be up to you and your client, of course.


Administration -> Hierarchy Configuration -> File Replication will get you in the correct area for setting this. There, you can set replication schedules, rate limits, and even prioritize when certain package can be replicated.

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