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WSUS Keeps failing on SCCM 2012 R2 erroe Post-deployment configuration failed see log

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post-17849-0-31607800-1383134136_thumb.jpgHello all

I am hoping I could get some help with this strange issue:

I am trying to install WSUS on my sccm server prior to the software update point. This what I have done so far:

In server manger I select to install the WSUS role>Click next (I notice there is a feature option to install Windows internal database) I unchecked this option because I am using my existing sql server for the WSUS instance. I cant seem to find anything that say tells me that when installing sccm 2012 on Windows Server 2012 and you are using the sql database instance for WSUS to do xyz. In my case as mentioned before unchecked the Windows Internal Database Feature. Then under Roles Services there are three option: WID Database, WSUS Services, Database. I chose WSUS Services and Database. On the next page I defined my source for the downloads, then the next page DB Instance I entered the instance of the sql server which in my case is also on my sccm 2012 server VMSCCM is the name> Click Check Connection and that was successfully connected to the server.

So here is where everything goes wrong. I then select to install everything at the confirmation page. reboot the server

once rebooted I open server manager and there is message that says Launch post - installation configuration. I then get the following error "Post-deployment configuration failed see log below is a image for the log located in c:\users\username\appdata\local\temp\tmpFC3D\

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Seen that many times in my lab. Start the WSUS Console once and it want's to configure the database and content location. Do that, with admin credentials, and you should be good to go. Still don't run the WSUS configuration after that.

Thanks for the response Peter! So I started the console as administrator (not domain just right click run as admin) Pointed to the databas instance and also the WSUS folder to store the updates. Once that was finished another wizard came up "Windows Server Update Services Configuration" where it asked me to configuring things such as: Choose upstream server, specify Proxy, choose, languages and products things of that nature. Keeping in mind that I am using SCCM to manage updates. I am not sure if I should close this and go to SCCM console ans install the software update point or do I need to make any initial configurations on the WSUS console?

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