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Problem occures because of Missing Source files in Wsus while downloading software update wizard

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I am in the process of testing the Software updates via SCCM12 for our test_devices_collection.

In our current setup, we have the SCCM12 and WSUS Server role already installed on the Main and primary sites as explained inside the section Part 5. Adding WSUS, Adding the SUP role, deploying the Configuration Manager Client Agent

I have created a `software update group` which contains some of the windows 7 software updates. This software update group has been created for testing purposes and planned to be deployed on the test_device_collection group.

When I choose the "Download" option on the software update group, it asks for the deployment package and download location for the source files. I have entered the WSUS content source folder as shown within the attached screenshots below.

When I completed the "Download" process, it turns with an Error: The system can not find the file specified. (steps and returned error can be seen within the attached screenshots below)

I made a quick investigation for the errors and found out that the file "download softare packages wizard" was searching for is missing in the WSUS content directory.

For some reason, the source files related with these packages are missing on WSUS. My suspicion about missing source files is related with the expired deployments. missing ones would be the members of the expired deployments previously.

My question at this current status would be about how to re-download or get these source packages back. Do you have any suggestions?

I have been searching for an answer quiet a long for this issue. and I read an article about wsus command lines options. There is a command (wsusutil reset) which has an explanation like that "With this command, you verify that every update metadata row in the WSUS database corresponds to update files that are stored in the local update file storage location on your WSUS server. If update files are missing or have been corrupted, WSUS downloads the update files again. This command might be useful to run after you restore your database, or as a first step when troubleshooting update approvals"


I would like to know whether you have already had this kind of problem and and experience about how to overcome this issue.


Thanks in advance for your kind support and comments.



Related screenshots are attached into the post.





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When you use WSUS integrated with SCCM it doesn't download any content to the the WSUScontent directory you should actually download it from the internet, and the Deploymen Package source should be a unique folder for each package.


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Hello valuable SCCM12 experts and Jörgen,

First of all let me thank Jörgen for the kind support and comment.

I would like to make it clear as there might be some misunderstanding.

So please let me explain my steps:

First of all I have chosen some updates by using search criteria, select these updates by right click and click on the "Edit membership" option, after that I have assigned these updates to my Software update group.

After this alignment , I had a right click on the software group name and click the "Download" option. At that point "Download Software Updates Wizard" popped up.

In that wizard I have selected the "Create New Deployment Package" and specified the location that I would like to have it on. It kept asking for the "Distribution point and settings" and as a next step it asked for the "Download Location".

so I have selected "Download Software Updates from a location on my network" option, and specified the directory location of the Wsus content folder and finalize the wizard to wait for the package preparation.

This is the way how I distributed the windows 8 critical security updates successfully before(I got successful return of "Download Software Updates Wizard" for windows 8 ones and then I managed to do the distribution of the downloaded package successfully.)

But when I tried to do the same steps for some of the Windows 7 updates, "Download Software Updates Wizard" turned error as I showed the error screenshots in my first comment in that thread.

What I am understanding from this work flow is Wsus is downloading the necessary source files from Windows Update server, and we could prepare the software package via using these source data. then we can distribute it.

It works fine as I said for the windows 8 ones and also it turned OK for the recently published MS13-087 ones. I am also able to see the related source files inside the Wsus content. They are existing there. So it is ok.

Failed Windows 7 ones source files does not exist anymore inside the Wsuscontent directory. I thought that for some reason they were deleted or gone. May be they could be marked as expired as they could be used and distributed before within an another test package distribution quiet a long time ago.

So let me ask my question in a different way, how can I update the Wsus content directory in order to obtain also the expired/deleted software updates related source files?

Thank a lot in advance for your kind support.

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I have the same issue...I see patches needs to be downloaded from http://fqdn_wsus_server:8530/Content/CE/E0C816A683326F69E8DF8178889F555ACBB051CE.cab, but the /CE/ directory does not exist on my WSUS server..


Any ideas what goes wrong ?

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As Jorgen mentioned you create a separate directory for all your different updates., this is good house keeping and keeps the different filters configured into separate deployment packages/source location(s).

For example you should have a separate windows7 source directory for only windows 7 updates, windows8 source directory for only windows 8 updates, SCEP directory for only SCEP updates and so on.....

You should definitely not point it to the WSUScontent directory.

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I am doing that but i found out that my build and capture tries to download an update from http://fqdn_wsus_server:8530/Content/CE/E0C816A683326F69E8DF8178889F555ACBB051CE.cab.

But when i checked my wsus content folder that file is not there..is that correct ?


I did reinstall of the SUP and WSUS but still the problem comes back. I found it strange what is going wrong here....

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There should be no files inside the WSUSContent directory as Jorgen mentioned previously also so I guess what you are seeing is correct.

Are all deployment packages distributing and deploying successfully?

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And the updates you need installed during the B&C task is advertised to the collection that your B&C system is a member of?

And you have configured the properties of the agent to SMSMP=fqdn.of.your.siteserver?

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Yes all is true. The B&C task does see the update, but when trying to download I get the error mentioned above, that the file can't be downloaded.

I was thinking of a firewall blocking ? But packages are installed normally during B&C. Or does de download uses another port ???

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Today i again removed SUP and WSUS, rebooted server and installed WSUS 3.0 SP2 and patches and installed SUP again.

I created a Software Update Group and assigned some ( about 6 updates) to it and create a deployment for my OSD_Reference collection.

I add my Virtual reference computer to the OSD_Reference collection as well and start a Build&Capture of Windows 7 x64.


When i checked the WindowsUpdate.log file i refers that files are being downloaded from au.windowsupdate.microsoft.com...strange...why ? Files needs to be downloaded from my http://primaryserver:8530 location....why this not happened.

When i assign packages during the TS B&C they will be installed normally.....so what i going on....i can't get software updates during the B&C to start working.....

The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Install Software Updates) in the group (Install Updates) with the error code 2278557443
Action output: ... 
uccessfully submitted event to the Status Agent.
End TS policy evaluation
Policy evaluation initiated
GetIPriviledgedInstallInterface successful
Refreshing Updates
spInstall->RefreshTargetedUpdates( spCallback, &bAlreadyCompleted ), HRESULT=87d00703 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,481)
RefreshTargetedUpdates(spInstall, spCallback, bAlreadyCompleted), HRESULT=87d00703 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,1312)
RefreshUpdates(), HRESULT=87d00703 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,923)
Failed to RefreshUpdates, hr=0x87d00703
InstallUpdates(pInstallUpdate, tType, sJobID, sActiveRequestHandle), HRESULT=87d00703 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\main.cpp,248)
Setting TSEnv variable SMSTSInstallUpdateJobGUID=
Process(pInstallUpdate, tType), HRESULT=87d00703 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\main.cpp,304). The operating system reported error 2147943860: This operation returned because the timeout period expired. 

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