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I've got a small problem. Say you want to deploy a licensed product. I've created the package and then I wanted to deploy this package to a device collection. I noticed that approval was greyed out. If I want to deploy this to a user collection, it's working just fine.

The problem is that when someone got the approval, he can go to any pc and install the software or am I not getting this right? Suppose I have the approval to install Visio. I can then go to another pc, log in and install visio. The next person to log in will have Visio available too then or not?

If so, is there a solution?



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If you want to make apps available to the Application Catalog it has to be deployed to a user collection. There you can specify if the app needs approval before it can be installed by the end user. You cannot get the approval workflow if you deploy the app to a device collection, if doesn't have that functionality for obvious reasons.


If you approve an app for an end user they will be able to install that app on every machine they log on to, via the App Catalog/Software Center. I haven't tried this myself, but perhaps you can try setting the app deployment type to install for user instead of device?



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