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Kerberos auth failing, NTLM auth succeeding

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I have one SQL server that is complaining about missing SPN principals. SCOM monitoring is saying SQL can't authenticate using Kerberos because it's missing the SPNs "MSSQLSvc/[server.domain.tld]:1433" and "MSSQLSvc/[server.domain.tld]". It's the default instance.


This doesn't seem specific to SQL. I attempted to list SPNs in use with klist and setspn. klist will give me a list for the currently logged-on user, but setspn -L will fail, claiming this:

C:\> setspn -L username@domain.tld
FindDomainForAccount: Call to DsGetDcNameWithAccountW failed with return 
value 0x00000525
Could not find account username@domain.tld

I'm also seeing odd security log entries, telling me the failure reason is "Account currently disabled," when it is not. The logon failures use Kerberos for the authentication package where the logon successes use NTLMv2.


The setspn failure occurs on a domain-joined Windows 7 PC as well as on my affected SQL server. I can't list SPNs for any domain user account or domain computer account. I can log on using a username@domain.tld username from a console or remote desktop.


Kerberos seems to work on at least two non-Windows PCs; there are two MacOS X 10.8 PCs that use Outlook 2011 and they log on to Exchange using Kerberos; the users log on to the domain from the MacOS logon screen and they get a Kerberos SPN they can select from Outlook.


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