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Application containing multiple installations and reg files

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Hey guys,


I´m having some problems installing one of our more complex applications, and I would like to here what is the best way.


Main program consist of 1 MSI and one MSP update, then 2 reg file for the system, and a reg file for the user.


This is the simple and edited commands for installation.


Msiexec.exe /i mainprogram.msi TRANSFORMS=mainprogram.mst /qn
Msiexec.exe /update Patch_4.msp /qn
regedit.exe /s "Regkeys\HKLM Hummingbird.reg"
regedit.exe /s "Regkeys\HKCU Hummingbird.reg"
My recent attempts was to make ONE application, and then have 4 deployments, and put each of them to depend apound each other.
First the regfil for the user, just like the above, and had a check in registry to make sure it was completed. This was depending on the reg for system.
The reg for system was also done like above, and had a check in registry to make sure it was completed. This was depending update.
The update is for system, and done like above and have a file for an .exe file modification date for completion, this was depended on the mailprogram.
The mail program was installed as above, and the check is for the MSI installer.
I my eyes, this should have worked, but it doesnt.
Is it the "wrong way" of doing it, and should I have created 1 or 2 VBS or CMD script instead, that contains of the stuff, perhaps with the exclusion of the reg filer for current user, and then have added that as a seperate appllcation ?
Or how is the best way of installing a piece of software like this ?

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Couple of ways.. one is the VBS/CMD way you already mentioned...


I'd go with this:


First, patch the MSI with MSP before the deployment, this way you don't have to deploy the MSP separately. This can be done as follows:


1. Create folders 1_MSI, 2_MSP, 3_FINAL

2. Copy the .msi to 1_MSI and .msp to 2_MSP

3. Create Administrative installation point of .MSI to folder 3_FINAL:

msiexec /a "C:\temp\1_MSI\package.msi" TARGETDIR="C:\temp\3_FINAL" /qb


4. Apply the .msp to .msi:

msiexec /a "C:\temp\3_FINAL\package.msi" /p "C:\temp\2_MSP\patch.msp" /qb


5. Copy the 3_FINAL as the Application source files for your application, it should now contain the .msp also


After this I'd check if I could do the registry modifications with ORCA to your existing .mst file.

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